State Releases 3rd Grade Scores for 2017-18 school year

Tallahassee, FL – May 25, 2018 – Data released today by the Florida Department of Education shows that 57% of 3rd-graders statewide earned a Level 3 score or better in the English Language Assessment – down from last year’s 58 percent but better than 2015’s 53%.
The good news is that many charter schools across the state experienced gains, surpassed the state and/or district averages, or placed among the top 25% of schools in their district.
Here is a short list of charter schools worth highlighting:
  • BridgePrep Tampa (Hillsborough) increased 3rd grade passing score by 22%
  • Glades Academy (Palm Beach) increased 3rd grade passing score by 17%
  • Renaissance Charter at St Lucie and Renaissance Charter School at Tradition (St. Lucie) were among the the top 10 schools in their district
  • Santa Fe Academy (Dade) ranked 19 out of 280 schools in the district
90%-100% of 3rd graders at these charter schools scored at Level 3 or above:
Aventura City Of Excellence School (Dade), Doral Academy (Dade), Educational Horizons Charter (Brevard), Expressions Learning Arts Academy (Alachua), Greentree Preparatory (Broward), Lutz Preparatory School (Hillsborough), Magnolia Montessori (Polk), Miami Children’s Museum Charter School (Dade), Pensacola Beach Elem (Escambia), Plato Academy Clearwater (Pinellas), Seminole Science Charter (Seminole), Somerset Academy Bay (Dade), Somerset Academy Gables (Dade), Somerset Academy South Miami (Dade), South Mckeel Academy (Polk), True North Classical Academy (Dade), and University Academy (Bay).
For a complete list of 3rd grade scores by schools or districts, click here. 
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