Not What It Seems: Charter School Students & Teachers will be left out if Palm Beach tax referendum passes

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A message from Lynn Norman-Teck, Executive Director, Florida Charter School Alliance

The Palm Beach County School tax referendum on the November ballot asks voters to help fund school safety initiatives and teacher raises. If it passes, those funds will only go to district-run schools. We believe the funds should be shared with all public school students and teachers – and have discussed this on various occasions with school board members and the superintendent. This past summer the FCSA team along with charter school leaders, teachers, parents and board members addressed the Palm Beach School Board and asked them to include charter school students and teachers in the funding formula. They voted against our request.

Our members and their parents have asked what can be done now. If the referendum passes, there are two options: 1) a court challenge, 2) ask the legislature to fix the funding inequity and require Palm Beach to share funds with all students and teachers.  As parents and community members we always want to support teachers and students throughout the state, and initiatives that provided needed funding for schools – but the situation in Palm Beach puts us in a tough position.  We are not campaigning against this referendum but if it passes, we plan to take action to ensure that all public school students and teachers in Palm Beach are treated equally.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Contact us here.



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