FCSA - Florida Charter School Alliance

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to increase student achievement and meet the demand for parental choice by advocating for and supporting high quality public charter schools in Florida.

Our Vision is to ensure every family in Florida will have access to high quality educational options.

The Florida Charter School Alliance: Advancing the Charter School Movement in the Sunshine State

The expansion of the charter school movement in Florida has been nothing short of remarkable. Since 1996, public charter schools in Florida have been helping students make extraordinary academic gains, reducing the learning gap between minority and non-minority students, and providing parents with high-quality educational choices through autonomy, accountability, and innovation. The results have been dramatic: a 2013-2014 report released by the Florida Department of Education showed that charter school students performed better than their traditional school counterparts in 87% of 531 comparisons of reading, math, and science assessment results. Today, more than 270,000 students in the Sunshine State attend a public charter school, with 200% enrollment growth over the last decade.

The Florida Charter School Alliance (FSCA), a dedicated group of educators, community leaders, and philanthropists from across our state, has been a powerful and dynamic force behind the charter school movement’s success in recent years. Founded in 2010, the non-profit, member-driven FCSA successfully advocates for and collaborates with local charter schools, passionately pursuing its mission to improve student achievement. FCSA supports its members in a variety of key areas, including:


  • Serving as the voice of the charter school movement in Tallahassee, by educating legislators, speaking before Committees, and advocating on behalf of students, parents, and schools
  • Expanding beyond our state’s capitol, to directly promote charter schools in the halls of government at the county, city, and town levels
  • Leading the battle to resolve the IDEA funding issue in Palm Beach county, which threatened the educational rights of disabled students. FCSA coordinated meetings with members of Congress, the U.S. Department of Education, the Florida Department of Education, and Palm Beach County Public Schools to discuss and resolve this funding dilemma
  • Mediating with municipalities and dozens of school districts on behalf of member schools
  • Expanding the charter school vendor marketplace, by securing partnerships with companies that offer quality products and services at significant cost savings to member schools
  • Hosting regional outreach events to meet with school leaders and gather feedback

Public, Media, and Community Relations

  • Quickly responding to negative news stories by providing accurate information to reporters and editors
  • Proactively submitting accurate and positive information, as well as “letters to the editor” and opinion pieces to statewide media
  • Assisting member schools with crisis management and media relations issues
  • Conducting surveys to measure public support for choice and public charter schools
  • Publishing a weekly e-newsletter to share best practices, success stories, and state and federal updates
  • Launching “Providing Choice”; a FCSA podcast on iTunes
  • Hosting and publicizing “A+” ceremonies throughout Florida, to recognize top-performing schools and their leaders
  • Honoring Florida’s charter school movement pioneers and activists at the 2016 National Charter Schools Conference

School Administration Support

  • Launching a cutting-edge, digital FCSA Teacher/Principal Evaluation Tool
  • Providing access to high quality, cost-saving products and services at the online Marketplace
  • Hosting School Improvement Rating (SIR) workshops with key district personnel and charter school leaders, to enhance and adjust Florida’s Alternative Schools evaluation system
  • Assisting struggling schools by providing guidance to governing board members and connecting school leaders with experienced mentors, FCSA team members, or consultants who can assist with turn-around efforts.

As the number of Florida charter schools increases (in alignment with the number of students attending them), the FCSA is well-poised to provide the vision, leadership, and direction required to maintain this robust growth.

We invite you to join us.

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