Kid’s Community College Charter is raising Science achievement rate among minority students

May 14, 2018 – A recent study conducted by the Educational Leadership and Counseling Department at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University revealed that Kid’s Community College (KCC), a K-8 charter school in Hillsborough County, is one of only seven schools in the state where the science achievement gap trend was reversed, and black student achievement outpaced their white student counterparts on the 2016-2017 eighth grade Sunshine Science Assessment.

Established in 2003, KCC has become well known for their dedication to providing a nationally accredited, premier individualized education based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory to all of its students. It is that dedication to high- quality, individualized education that has gained KCC numerous instructional and achievement awards in its almost 15 year storied history.

“It’s wonderful to have student and teacher efforts recognized in such a way,” commented Campus Director Karen Seder. “Since our beginning we have dedicated ourselves to small campus and class sizes that allow us to focus on individual student needs. Studies such as this one validate that our approach continues to work well for all students.”

“The 7 schools are an extreme phenomenon of interest for my research,” wrote Doctoral Candidate Terrance McNeil. “I believe that not only should these schools be recognized, but the rest of the state, and the nation, could benefit from learning about their leadership practices for science education. I intend to conduct a brief inquiry on the policy, curricular and professional development practices that make these schools special. They represent only .008 of the middle schools in the State.”

KCC is excited to add this recognition to also being identified by the State of Florida for having High Impact Teachers in other academic areas and for also being recognized by Governor Rick Scott over the last few years for being in the top 10% of all schools in various improvement categories. “At KCC, students develop strong academic, social and emotional characteristics. They are also more likely to perform well academically. KCC prepares students for the intellectual challenges of further education and focuses on the development of the whole child regardless of circumstance,” added KCC Servant Leader Tim Kilpatrick.


About Kid’s Community College

Kid’s Community College® is a tuition-free public charter school of choice. KCC develops Individual Development and Education Plans (IDEPs) for each student by integrating age- appropriate, State aligned readiness criteria with Multiple Intelligence Development Assessment Scales (MIDAS) profiles to develop unique and challenging curricula. KCC professors are trained to maximize the unique learning modality of each student to implement their individualized instructional plans. KCC uses the MIDAS profile and IDEPs as the foundation of a dialogue that maximizes motivation and allows for the most effective instructional approach for each student. The professors at each KCC campus are trained to facilitate development, education and instructional experiences tailored to the learning style of each student. Through our unique trademarked approach, KCC instructors are able to maximize the effective use of each students strengths, while also targeting areas of developmental need, to ensure optimal student success.


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