FCSA, Kidder Communications partner to help school leaders navigate crisis situations

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Since its inception, the Florida Charter School Alliance (FCSA) has provided crisis communications and media relations training to our members schools. Our workshop uses lessons from real-life scenarios to teach admin teams how to deal with a crisis on campus, how best to communicate with parents and stakeholders, and respond to media inquiries.  The FCSA has also assisted hundreds of principals — providing guidance and being on the front line with media — during a crisis situation.  Lynn Norman-Teck, FCSA Executive Director, who leads the workshops and crisis response team, has more than 20 years experience in the field of public relations and media relations — having worked as Director of Communications for the Miami-Dade County Mayor’s Office, as well as PR person for several high-profile companies including McDonald’s, and Baptist Hospital.  To better serve member schools and expand support during crisis situations, the FCSA has partnered with Kidder Crisis Communications, a firm with extensive communications experience.  “We do more than just offer after-the-fact crisis management,” explains Troy Kidder. “The idea is to create a communications network so that schools have a trusted line of communications to patrons/stakeholders to share good news and this will help position them to handle incidences with sound communication—so they do not become crisis—and, of course, handle crisis well.”
Read below to learn more about Kidder Crisis Communications or contact Lynn Norman-Teck at FCSA if you have any questions.

Whenever and wherever people gather, there is a strong potential for an unfortunate incident that may soon become a full-blown crisis, especially at schools and school events.
Kidder Crisis Communications utilizes a team of experts with a wealth of experience to make sure an incident does not escalate into a communication crisis. We will help you diminish the fallout and manage a successful communication plan.
What do we offer?
A 24/7 direct hotline to our expert—and that’s for anything that a school administrator deems urgent.
Moreover, our team will provide leadership, clarity, messaging and a communication strategy that we
can administer for the schools via social media, website, texting and press releases. We even coordinate
media interviews if needed.
In the court of public opinion, anything school representatives say can and will be used against them
and against the school. And in the day of school choice/open enrollment, just one public relations
mistake could cost a school district literally hundreds of students—that’s potentially millions of dollars.
More importantly, the district’s reputation will be damaged, taking years to restore.
What is a communication crisis? These examples happen across the country every day and are issues that our team has helped to manage.
• An angry parent boards the bus and threatens to hurt a bus driver
• A bus driver drives cheerleaders while drunk
• Sexual misconduct and all kinds involving teachers, students and staff
• A student commits suicide and/or suicide packs form at a school
• Bomb threats and students bringing knives and/or guns to school
• Teacher and/or a coach is accused of verbally or physically abusing students
• Gang threats and fights in bathrooms, bus stops, and parking lot
• A teacher uses school computers inappropriately
• A driver visits a local porn shop while driving his school bus
• A parent drops off his student at a school and backs over another student
• Police dog bites a student in the face during a class presentation
Don’t let immediate social media responses and even a well-meaning parent who goes to Facebook or Twitter with misinformation dictate how a crisis is handled at your school. Let us help you manage a difficult situation with integrity and truth.
We’re your 24/7 team to help.
Kidder Crisis Communications | 850.797.1011 | troy@purebluecreative.com | www.kiddercrisiscommunications.com
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