Charter Schools

The first charter schools opened in Florida in 1996. Currently, in the 2012-2013 school year, over 200,000 students are enrolled in 574 charter schools in 44 Florida districts. Many charter schools in Florida have innovative missions. Some charter schools include themed learning approaches focusing on areas such as arts, sciences, and technology. Other charter schools provide services to special populations such as students at-risk of academic failure or students with disabilities.

There is an increasing need to have a unified voice at the forefront of this growing movement in order to bring high-quality charter schools to every community in the state, to advocate amongst policymakers in an effort to alleviate inequities, to strengthen existing and newer charter schools and to raise the bar on quality for all public schools.

The Florida Charter School Alliance was created to serve as this voice. We will advocate for equitable treatment for all public school students and educate policy-makers regarding how public charter schools are best meeting the needs of Florida’s students.