FCSA - Florida Charter School Alliance

Key Advocacy Issues

Our primary focus is to help develop, and support, quality charter schools around the state. Leading up to, and during, the legislative session, FCSA works on behalf of charter schools across the state to:
  • Actively advocate for equitable funding for all public school students
  • Ensure that charter schools’ autonomy and ability to innovate continue
  • Inform legislators about the academic successes at charter schools and their overall positive contribution to the state’s K-12 education system
  • Engage the Florida charter school community in creating standards for high-quality public charter schools
Since 1996, public charter schools have been providing a quality education option to the children in Florida. Although parents have overwhelmingly supported the growth of charter schools, there still some critics who aim to hinder growth and the availability of choice to parents. This is one of the reasons FCSA continues to battle on behalf of charter schools. There is a lot of work to be done – especially in the area of funding. Charters school students get less funding than students attending a district-run schools. FCSA will continue to address this inequity and, with your help, change this.


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